No Excuses just Exercise!

While in college i have tried to put a personal effort to go work out a few days in the week. Lets be real your college days are arguably the best years of your life. So you wanna make sure you look good in all those pictures your gonna take. So when your children ask you what you looked like you wont be ashamed to show the pictures. Also being healthy and working out ties into your beauty as a person. When you take care of yourself, it shows on your outside giving off a healthy glow. This glow can translate to healthy skin, and longer/shinny hair. Also with exercising you may be able to fit into those fashionable jeans you’ve always wanted to wear. Many people give excuses on why they can’t work out like i have class or its to far; but you can never get healthy making excuses.So if you want to get healthy here’s how i manage while in school.

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Stop making excuses:

When you stop making excuses on why you cant go to the gym,you’ll start going to the gym. In most colleges’ or Universities, a gym is on campus and available for students to use. On top of the fast access to the gym, usually its free & the costs are built in your tuition. So why not use all the aspects of your tuition.

Get a routine and a buddy:

A fun way to workout is with a friend.  Having a friend their is always great, so you have someone to push you or spot you while you lift weights during your workout. Another way to make it easier for you to workout is to make a routine. Figure out if working out in the morning or night is better for you. After you figure this out, schedule it around school and work. That way you can’t make the excuse i have homework or i have to go to work.

Eat healthy:

While being away from home it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. But you can curb these by finding the healthy options to eat on campus. For the most part every campus has options on healthy eating you just have to search for them. Also remember to eat at least three times a day skipping meals are never good.

Lastly if going to the gym isn’t for you, their are other options like

  • Taking the long walk to class
  • Riding a bike around campus

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Remember stay healthy!

-Kendra Jaz-