Never can say goodbye

Like i stated in my very first blog post, the purpose of this blog was for my fdom class. I thoroughly enjoyed my blogging experience this semester. In keeping up with my blog i feel the hardest thing to do was to update. Updating continuously about one topic seemed to be difficult. I understand the point of only having one central topic and staying on it. However i feel that more students would feel engaged if you could expand on more topics. Lets be real we all don’t just have one interest we have many; so i believe maybe next year my professor should allow you to write on many topics. Also some of the requirement of having a link in each post is some what annoying. Sometimes i just want a post to be solely about my blog. But by linking another website, it takes away from originality.

Overall i love the idea of blogging. Unlike twitter or instagram you have some what, an unlimited amount of words to express yourself. The whole idea of having an avenue to express yourself is just amazing to me. With this i will continue my blog journey. Not only is this just fun to write about things that are relevant to you. But as a Mass Communication major i have a portfolio for my future employers to look at.

Here’s a link on what mass communications is

Not only is their an educational aspect but it gives you a chance to explore different blogs on WordPress. I have found many blogs that i enjoy reading that i keep up with on a day to day basis. I will keep blogging and hope to have numerous post by the end of next semester.


-Kendra Jaz-