I wouldn’t be pretty without them

As i was walking from store to store in the mall i noticed something. This something wasn’t necessarily scary or out of the ordinary. But the more i think about it, i believe its scary to think that WE don’t think its out of the ordinary. Every day i venture out to public social scenes and i see young girls who don’t look very young at all. Some of these girls go as far as making the statement” i wouldn’t be pretty without makeup and fashionable clothes”. This is absolutely preposterous to me.

In my household as i was growing up, “being natural” was key. From my hair to skin to clothing choices, everything was natural and age appropriate. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until about age 17; and I started picking out my own clothes to buy at 12 (under discretion). Now i do admit some of the rules bestowed by my parents were slightly strict but however, i feel that their is a reason for everything. When i see girls today as young as 10 and 11 with a full face of makeup and donning 6 inch heels; its hard not to wonder  where are their parents! In my opinion i feel when girls rush to appear much older it takes away from just being a kid. I remember my childhood as a time of being free. and not a time worry about the worlds problems. This makes me feel that kids are missing out, on that care free time where the biggest decision you should make is what is for lunch. I couldn’t imagine being  9 or 10 getting ready for school  worrying if my makeup looks good today; or if my outfit will impress the boys in my grade. Now granted times have change and we should adapt to them, but preteens acting and dressing in a matter that is twice their age is not the future.

But who is to blame? The media? Parents? Truthfully everyone and know one at the same time. We could blame the media for over sexual programs. Or over exposure of bad behaved celebrities. We could blame the parents; for not having control of there own children. But this wouldn’t help much. What we can do is instill confidence and inner beauty into young girls. Instead of picking up makeup to impress someone; Teach girls to look in the mirror and say i love me. Teach girls that they are beautiful just the way they are, and don’t need anyone are anything to make them someone or something.

Now am i saying makeup, heels and fashion is bad for young girls? Of course not; as a young girl its important to express yourself and find out what makes you U. But i do feel however it is important to instill great values in young girls so they know they are still beautiful ,smart and important without them.

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-Kendra Jaz-

Swinter Fashion

Even though i live in Texas, which is probably the most bipolar state when it comes to weather. Fall/winter is among us and its time to start changing up the wardrobe. Since it doesn’t get super cold here until December to Early January , we never truly wear heavy fall/winter attire. Instead i always seem to merge my summer clothing with my winter.Here are some ideas to merge your seasonal outfits together, for what i call Swinter.

Its never to cold for a tank top:

  • Tank tops are the cutest during winter when paired with a moto jacket or blazer. It provides a simple and light fit that is easy to wear especially if your in a hurry. This fit can also be paired with a scarf for a pop of color or extra warmth.
Photo Credit: lookbook.nu

Photo Credit: lookbook.nu

Scarfs are Swinter Approved:

  • Some west coast states have lighter summers compared to southern states so, sometimes you can get away with having a scarf during  the summer time. These scarfs are a lighter than the traditional scarf and are meant more for a fashion statement than warmth. During the colder months you can wear the lighter or traditional scarfs depending on how cold it really is.

Shorts with Leggings or tights

  • Sometimes its just hard to give up the jean shorts when the weather changes. But instead of giving them up completely pair them with a pair of decorative tights for a creative pattern or design on your legs. If it really gets cold where you live,  you can wear leggings underneath the shorts, instead of tights. Due to the fact that tights are thinner, the leggings will give you the extra warmth you need.

Maxi Dresses for Winter

  • Maxi Dresses are probable the cutest and classiest trend for the summer; and due to the fact that their long ,their is no need to put them away for the winter. Simply pair the with a pair of booties or plain flat boots and a sweater or cardigan for a winter outfit.

There are tons of ways to incorporate summer clothes into winter clothes comment down bellow if you have anymore ideas.

Also here’s an article on more Swinter Fashion ideas.


-Kendra Jaz-