To weave or not to weave………..

In this day and age pretty much everybody wears some type of hair extensions. Whether it’s for volume length or just fun, it is something women and men wear. In my personal life I love weave. I wear weave as a protect style for my natural hair. Since my hair is natural, it means I do not put any chemicals to change my hair texture (i.e. perms, relaxers) in my hair. With this it is often hard for me to maintain and take care of my natural hair while in college. Thus this is the reason I wear weaves. Although I personally believe there is nothing wrong with wearing them, some people go against this. Some of the common misconceptions’ I hear about weave are the following.

1. Girls who wear weave, wear it cause they have no hair.

Contrary to popular belief a lot of women who wear weave like myself have long flowing hair. Many like I said before wear it as a protective style. African-American hair is a lot different from Caucasian or straighter hair textures. Therefore it does require a lot more attention on a day-to-day basis. So for someone like me who doesn’t have the time to get up every morning to do my hair. Or have the money to go get my hair done every two weeks having a weave is a great alternative.

2. Weave will break off your natural hair.

This statement is partly true and untrue. First off there are many types of ways to weave in hair. Some of these include, clip ins, sew ins, glue or bonding or u-part wigs. With all of these different methods it is possible to keep your hair very healthy and maintain your style. But also it is very possible to damage your hair. My motto is to never forget you have hair under your hair. Although having a weave is convenient and easy to style. You still must wash condition and moisturize your hair. Also taking out your weave in a timely manner is important. For sew-ins (which is how I weave my hair in) I recommend not having it in for  more than 2 months. For glue I recommend 3-4 weeks. With Clip-ins and u-part wigs this varies due to the fact that you can remove them at any time. But the key is not to sleep in your clip ins and to braid or wrap your hair before putting on your wig.

3.  Your fake for wearing a weave or your ashamed of your hair.

This is probably the most annoying misconception. Wearing weave is a personal choice, so how does something that I decide to do with my hair make me fake. This assertion is as stupid as saying some one who wears heels is a liar; cause heels make them taller than they actually are. Also just because I wear a weave does not mean I’m ashamed of my hair. Like I’ve said I wear weave as a protective style due to college. So wearing a weave does not mean I’m ashamed I am just trying to protect it.

In all wearing a weave has its benefits. It gives you the chance to wear your hair short, dye it blond or make it blue if you would like. There are no limitations when you wear a weave. So if you feel that maybe you want to try to wear one see a stylist for different options. Remember it is always your choice to do what YOU want with your hair.

-Kendra Jaz-


Lipsticks for Darker Skinned girls

In today’s society the red lip is definitely in. But if your a girl like me with a darker skin tone it can be hard to find something that fits you. I’ve tried different types of lipsticks and i feel, as far as lipsticks go i am comfortable with the Covergirl brand. Not only is it inexpensive and perfect for the college student on a budget; but they offer a wide array of colors. The two colors i have chosen are 305 in Hot Passion and 355 in Tempt Seduction. These are my favorite and i use the to dress up an outfit before i go out.

-Kendra Jaz-

I wouldn’t be pretty without them

As i was walking from store to store in the mall i noticed something. This something wasn’t necessarily scary or out of the ordinary. But the more i think about it, i believe its scary to think that WE don’t think its out of the ordinary. Every day i venture out to public social scenes and i see young girls who don’t look very young at all. Some of these girls go as far as making the statement” i wouldn’t be pretty without makeup and fashionable clothes”. This is absolutely preposterous to me.

In my household as i was growing up, “being natural” was key. From my hair to skin to clothing choices, everything was natural and age appropriate. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until about age 17; and I started picking out my own clothes to buy at 12 (under discretion). Now i do admit some of the rules bestowed by my parents were slightly strict but however, i feel that their is a reason for everything. When i see girls today as young as 10 and 11 with a full face of makeup and donning 6 inch heels; its hard not to wonder  where are their parents! In my opinion i feel when girls rush to appear much older it takes away from just being a kid. I remember my childhood as a time of being free. and not a time worry about the worlds problems. This makes me feel that kids are missing out, on that care free time where the biggest decision you should make is what is for lunch. I couldn’t imagine being  9 or 10 getting ready for school  worrying if my makeup looks good today; or if my outfit will impress the boys in my grade. Now granted times have change and we should adapt to them, but preteens acting and dressing in a matter that is twice their age is not the future.

But who is to blame? The media? Parents? Truthfully everyone and know one at the same time. We could blame the media for over sexual programs. Or over exposure of bad behaved celebrities. We could blame the parents; for not having control of there own children. But this wouldn’t help much. What we can do is instill confidence and inner beauty into young girls. Instead of picking up makeup to impress someone; Teach girls to look in the mirror and say i love me. Teach girls that they are beautiful just the way they are, and don’t need anyone are anything to make them someone or something.

Now am i saying makeup, heels and fashion is bad for young girls? Of course not; as a young girl its important to express yourself and find out what makes you U. But i do feel however it is important to instill great values in young girls so they know they are still beautiful ,smart and important without them.

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-Kendra Jaz-

I’m a professional Makeup Artist in my dreams!

If your anything like me, your talent in the makeup field is zero to none. You try and try to master how to do the perfect winged eyeliner or the infamous smoky eye; but it always seems to come out looking like you 3 year old brother did it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve slaved over my computer, looking at hundreds of videos from various YouTube beauty guru’s. Just to be disappointed in the end. For the longest time I just thought, I’ll just never wear makeup unless someone decides to do it for me. Until one day I went to walgreens and picked up some eyeliner and mascara. These two items out of all the different types of makeup that you can buy are probably the easiest to deal with. Which made me think EXACTLY! When trying to learn how to apply makeup we often see a completely face; and we want to reciprocate that because we feel it would look good on us. But the problem is , for most girls who can’t do makeup picking up brushes and making a complete masterpiece is quite impossible.
This is what made me realize ,learning how to use one product at a time is the way to go. If you try one product one at a time it will give you practice on each tool. So as you go on and try different ones, you’ll be a master at using each tool; instead of knowing how to have a “prom makeup face”. You’ll know each tool that was used to make the face so you can adapt it to your own.
Now with this, in my opinion I always feel like less makeup is more, especially as a college student. Nobody really has time to do a full face of makeup, before an 8am class. With learning how to use different types of makeup I’ve made my own Minimal makeup routine for the not so talented. As well as the college student who wants to look somewhat put together.
DAILY( well almost daily) MAKEUP ROUTINE:
• Start of with a clean face you don’t want to put makeup on to dirty skin
( if you want to know what I do to wash my face checkout my last blog post)

Also here’s an article on washing your face

•Apply a foundation
Now a foundation isn’t necessary but I feel it makes my skin more even tone, since I have a few acne scars. I use Maybeline dream mouse foundation. I like the moose foundation is better than a liquid or powder because in my opinion it’s has a smoother finish.

• Next I apply Maybeline black eyeliner to my waterline to make my eyes stand out. Now this isn’t a heavy dosage of it but it’s just enough so you can see it.

• Then I use Loreal telescopic liquid eyeliner for the top of my lid. With this I start at the corner and go all the way to about halfway across my eye. You can obviously go all the way or do whatever you like. But like I said when you try different types of makeup you’ll figure out what looks good on you.

• Then I apply GREAT LASH mascara ( the pink and green tube) to my lashes. I like this brand because I feel it makes my eyelashes look thicker and longer, compared to many other brands. It also helps that it’s pretty much the cheapest.

•Lastly I use AQUAPHOR lip therapy to put on my lips to keep them hydrated.

I’ve used this current routine for about a year and a half now and it works very well for me. Remember ,in order to figure out what is good for you; you must try different things, and it also helps tremendously if you do them one at a time.
Then as you get bored with it you’ll try new things to switch up your look.

See we all don’t have to be makeup artist to do makeup!

– Kendra Jaz-