Moblie App in Action

Since this blog is for my fdom class, one of the requirements is to write a post on a fictional mobile app for your blog. When trying to figure this out I’ve realized that the type of app i would want would be a forum type app. This app would further information Hair Fashion and Beauty for the world to see. It would be very simple with a login forum, where you have a profile similar to a dating website or Facebook. (but less information of course) On your profile you would describe you and your connection with the topic, as well as a picture of you.


After you create your profile you will be free to converse with the other followers about any topic. There will be a menu of different on going topics that you can comment on share pictures, etc. You also can start your own forums so you can get answers to your own questions. This app would help out many who want instant results to questions, about hair,fashion and beauty. This will be much easier than searching Google hoping for an educated response.

Here is an website that has a mobile app just similar to this:

-Kendra Jaz-


I’m a professional Makeup Artist in my dreams!

If your anything like me, your talent in the makeup field is zero to none. You try and try to master how to do the perfect winged eyeliner or the infamous smoky eye; but it always seems to come out looking like you 3 year old brother did it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve slaved over my computer, looking at hundreds of videos from various YouTube beauty guru’s. Just to be disappointed in the end. For the longest time I just thought, I’ll just never wear makeup unless someone decides to do it for me. Until one day I went to walgreens and picked up some eyeliner and mascara. These two items out of all the different types of makeup that you can buy are probably the easiest to deal with. Which made me think EXACTLY! When trying to learn how to apply makeup we often see a completely face; and we want to reciprocate that because we feel it would look good on us. But the problem is , for most girls who can’t do makeup picking up brushes and making a complete masterpiece is quite impossible.
This is what made me realize ,learning how to use one product at a time is the way to go. If you try one product one at a time it will give you practice on each tool. So as you go on and try different ones, you’ll be a master at using each tool; instead of knowing how to have a “prom makeup face”. You’ll know each tool that was used to make the face so you can adapt it to your own.
Now with this, in my opinion I always feel like less makeup is more, especially as a college student. Nobody really has time to do a full face of makeup, before an 8am class. With learning how to use different types of makeup I’ve made my own Minimal makeup routine for the not so talented. As well as the college student who wants to look somewhat put together.
DAILY( well almost daily) MAKEUP ROUTINE:
• Start of with a clean face you don’t want to put makeup on to dirty skin
( if you want to know what I do to wash my face checkout my last blog post)

Also here’s an article on washing your face

•Apply a foundation
Now a foundation isn’t necessary but I feel it makes my skin more even tone, since I have a few acne scars. I use Maybeline dream mouse foundation. I like the moose foundation is better than a liquid or powder because in my opinion it’s has a smoother finish.

• Next I apply Maybeline black eyeliner to my waterline to make my eyes stand out. Now this isn’t a heavy dosage of it but it’s just enough so you can see it.

• Then I use Loreal telescopic liquid eyeliner for the top of my lid. With this I start at the corner and go all the way to about halfway across my eye. You can obviously go all the way or do whatever you like. But like I said when you try different types of makeup you’ll figure out what looks good on you.

• Then I apply GREAT LASH mascara ( the pink and green tube) to my lashes. I like this brand because I feel it makes my eyelashes look thicker and longer, compared to many other brands. It also helps that it’s pretty much the cheapest.

•Lastly I use AQUAPHOR lip therapy to put on my lips to keep them hydrated.

I’ve used this current routine for about a year and a half now and it works very well for me. Remember ,in order to figure out what is good for you; you must try different things, and it also helps tremendously if you do them one at a time.
Then as you get bored with it you’ll try new things to switch up your look.

See we all don’t have to be makeup artist to do makeup!

– Kendra Jaz-


Swinter Fashion

Even though i live in Texas, which is probably the most bipolar state when it comes to weather. Fall/winter is among us and its time to start changing up the wardrobe. Since it doesn’t get super cold here until December to Early January , we never truly wear heavy fall/winter attire. Instead i always seem to merge my summer clothing with my winter.Here are some ideas to merge your seasonal outfits together, for what i call Swinter.

Its never to cold for a tank top:

  • Tank tops are the cutest during winter when paired with a moto jacket or blazer. It provides a simple and light fit that is easy to wear especially if your in a hurry. This fit can also be paired with a scarf for a pop of color or extra warmth.
Photo Credit:

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Scarfs are Swinter Approved:

  • Some west coast states have lighter summers compared to southern states so, sometimes you can get away with having a scarf during  the summer time. These scarfs are a lighter than the traditional scarf and are meant more for a fashion statement than warmth. During the colder months you can wear the lighter or traditional scarfs depending on how cold it really is.

Shorts with Leggings or tights

  • Sometimes its just hard to give up the jean shorts when the weather changes. But instead of giving them up completely pair them with a pair of decorative tights for a creative pattern or design on your legs. If it really gets cold where you live,  you can wear leggings underneath the shorts, instead of tights. Due to the fact that tights are thinner, the leggings will give you the extra warmth you need.

Maxi Dresses for Winter

  • Maxi Dresses are probable the cutest and classiest trend for the summer; and due to the fact that their long ,their is no need to put them away for the winter. Simply pair the with a pair of booties or plain flat boots and a sweater or cardigan for a winter outfit.

There are tons of ways to incorporate summer clothes into winter clothes comment down bellow if you have anymore ideas.

Also here’s an article on more Swinter Fashion ideas.

-Kendra Jaz-

Sometimes it’s hard to love the skin your in

In your late teens and early twenties the last thing you want to worry about is breakouts. But as most of us know sometimes these breakouts are inevitable. From stressing about tests in school to working long hours at work ,the breakouts just keep coming.
For some people having a breakout is easy to get rid of. But for others like me keeping a handle on your skin is a process. Finding the right Skincare regimen that works for you, I believe takes a trial and error process. The first step that helped me In this process is finding out what type of skin you have. Whether it’s dry and has constant redness, oily, sensitive,easily scaring or combination skin; Its important to figure this out so you can attack the acne and zits in the right way.
As far as my skin goes I’ve found that it’s very sensitive, oily and scars easily. So this means I had to find natural products with not a lot of strong medicine in them but are still effective. This seems quite impossible I know but, through some trial and error and some simple steps,I’ve found my right products for my face.

You would be surprised how many people just don’t read the labels and pick up a face wash or moisturizer they saw on a commercial or saw their friend using. Remember everyone’s face is different so what works for your bestie might not work for you.

I’ve found that reading reviews on products help you avoid some products that are just down right horrible. Also by reading reviews it can save you some time on the trial and error process; by giving you instant results for products that help your skin type. With this you should always take these reviews with a grain of salt, because sometimes you just have to try different things.

Understanding your type of skin will help you buy the right products. In my case I have oily, sensitive and easily scaring skin. So as far as attacking my oily skin I try to get products to balance my skin, instead of completely drying it out. For this I use ORIGINS Make a difference+plus. This helps maintain the moisture in my skin by not drying it out or keeping it to oily. Also since my skin is sensitive ,I use this product because it’s made with all natural ingredients so it’s soothing and not harsh on my skin. Now through the years I have found that my skin scars easily ,if I use to harsh of a product on my skin to absolve my breakout. You know for example the toothpaste on the pimple or the lemon juice on the face. These home remedies are sometimes disastrous for your face; and in my case it was and it leaved very dark scars. So with this I decided to use a mild face wash to clean my face, and to gently help reduce the appearance of my scars. For my daily face wash I use CLEARASIL Acne marks +daily scrub. Now before this I was a little cautious about using CLEARASIL products because I’ve seen that their products are very strong and can mess up sensitive skin; but for some reason this product works well for me. Also With those two products I use CLEARASIL rapid action pads for very quick spot on treatment. Now I will say with the rapid action pads you should use caution because they are VERY STRONG. These pads are drenched in a power full medicine to rapidily reduce those pimples. So what I do with them is sort of wring out the excess liquid on the pad so it’s less strong. Also you should only use these once a day when you have an intense breakout because they will work and they are strong. The last product I use for my skin is AQUAPHOR healing ointment for my lips. Now lips are apart of your skin and you shouldn’t neglect them this is why after every time in wash my face I put a little on my lips to regain moisture.

When buying your different products don’t always gravitate to the flashy ones or good smelling ones. Read your labels and look for the ingredients that will help your skin. After you buy organize your regimen. Find out the order you want to use your products in and how many times a day you want to do this.

This is my regimen:
•Twice a day ( morning and night) wash the face with CLEARASIL daily face wash to reduce acne marks and cleanse face.
• Then take a cotton ball and apply ORIGINS make a difference +plus all over the skin to balance.
•Use AQUAPHOR lip therapy to hydrate lips

(For massive breakouts)
Use the CLEARASIL rapid pads on the effected area and let dry after the initial wash of the face.

Here’s a link for regimens on different types of skin:

And last but not least I like to spray a little body spray on myself in the morning before I head out. Since I usually wash my face after I get out the shower in the morning, before I get ready to leave for the day.

Also if you have severe acne and breakouts your best option might be to see a dermatologist to tackle your Skincare.


-Kendra Jaz-

Welcome to my blog


Hello World, and welcome to my blog.

I am starting this blog for my #fdom class at Texas State University, where i am a sophomore. I decided to do my blog on Hair, fashion and Beauty cause i feel like my world revolves around those things. In this blog i hope to talk about the experiences i have with each of these factions the good the bad and the ugly. With starting this blog I’ve been a little apprehensive do to the fact that I’m not the type to just outright and do something. But due to the fact that this is a class assignment i really have no choice. I hope you enjoy my blog and my future posts.

-Kendra Jaz-