Moblie App in Action

Since this blog is for my fdom class, one of the requirements is to write a post on a fictional mobile app for your blog. When trying to figure this out I’ve realized that the type of app i would want would be a forum type app. This app would further information Hair Fashion and Beauty for the world to see. It would be very simple with a login forum, where you have a profile similar to a dating website or Facebook. (but less information of course) On your profile you would describe you and your connection with the topic, as well as a picture of you.


After you create your profile you will be free to converse with the other followers about any topic. There will be a menu of different on going topics that you can comment on share pictures, etc. You also can start your own forums so you can get answers to your own questions. This app would help out many who want instant results to questions, about hair,fashion and beauty. This will be much easier than searching Google hoping for an educated response.

Here is an website that has a mobile app just similar to this:

-Kendra Jaz-


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