Sometimes it’s hard to love the skin your in

In your late teens and early twenties the last thing you want to worry about is breakouts. But as most of us know sometimes these breakouts are inevitable. From stressing about tests in school to working long hours at work ,the breakouts just keep coming.
For some people having a breakout is easy to get rid of. But for others like me keeping a handle on your skin is a process. Finding the right Skincare regimen that works for you, I believe takes a trial and error process. The first step that helped me In this process is finding out what type of skin you have. Whether it’s dry and has constant redness, oily, sensitive,easily scaring or combination skin; Its important to figure this out so you can attack the acne and zits in the right way.
As far as my skin goes I’ve found that it’s very sensitive, oily and scars easily. So this means I had to find natural products with not a lot of strong medicine in them but are still effective. This seems quite impossible I know but, through some trial and error and some simple steps,I’ve found my right products for my face.

You would be surprised how many people just don’t read the labels and pick up a face wash or moisturizer they saw on a commercial or saw their friend using. Remember everyone’s face is different so what works for your bestie might not work for you.

I’ve found that reading reviews on products help you avoid some products that are just down right horrible. Also by reading reviews it can save you some time on the trial and error process; by giving you instant results for products that help your skin type. With this you should always take these reviews with a grain of salt, because sometimes you just have to try different things.

Understanding your type of skin will help you buy the right products. In my case I have oily, sensitive and easily scaring skin. So as far as attacking my oily skin I try to get products to balance my skin, instead of completely drying it out. For this I use ORIGINS Make a difference+plus. This helps maintain the moisture in my skin by not drying it out or keeping it to oily. Also since my skin is sensitive ,I use this product because it’s made with all natural ingredients so it’s soothing and not harsh on my skin. Now through the years I have found that my skin scars easily ,if I use to harsh of a product on my skin to absolve my breakout. You know for example the toothpaste on the pimple or the lemon juice on the face. These home remedies are sometimes disastrous for your face; and in my case it was and it leaved very dark scars. So with this I decided to use a mild face wash to clean my face, and to gently help reduce the appearance of my scars. For my daily face wash I use CLEARASIL Acne marks +daily scrub. Now before this I was a little cautious about using CLEARASIL products because I’ve seen that their products are very strong and can mess up sensitive skin; but for some reason this product works well for me. Also With those two products I use CLEARASIL rapid action pads for very quick spot on treatment. Now I will say with the rapid action pads you should use caution because they are VERY STRONG. These pads are drenched in a power full medicine to rapidily reduce those pimples. So what I do with them is sort of wring out the excess liquid on the pad so it’s less strong. Also you should only use these once a day when you have an intense breakout because they will work and they are strong. The last product I use for my skin is AQUAPHOR healing ointment for my lips. Now lips are apart of your skin and you shouldn’t neglect them this is why after every time in wash my face I put a little on my lips to regain moisture.

When buying your different products don’t always gravitate to the flashy ones or good smelling ones. Read your labels and look for the ingredients that will help your skin. After you buy organize your regimen. Find out the order you want to use your products in and how many times a day you want to do this.

This is my regimen:
•Twice a day ( morning and night) wash the face with CLEARASIL daily face wash to reduce acne marks and cleanse face.
• Then take a cotton ball and apply ORIGINS make a difference +plus all over the skin to balance.
•Use AQUAPHOR lip therapy to hydrate lips

(For massive breakouts)
Use the CLEARASIL rapid pads on the effected area and let dry after the initial wash of the face.

Here’s a link for regimens on different types of skin:

And last but not least I like to spray a little body spray on myself in the morning before I head out. Since I usually wash my face after I get out the shower in the morning, before I get ready to leave for the day.

Also if you have severe acne and breakouts your best option might be to see a dermatologist to tackle your Skincare.


-Kendra Jaz-


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